What we do

First, training of trainers programmes to infuse and propagate world class knowledge and practical skills among Libyan psychological and social work professionals, and to enable a sustainable competency development in the Libyan mental health and social work institutions. This will be achieved by employing internationally accredited providers to implement modern evidence based treatment approaches in the field of psychology and social concealing along with state of the art training techniques to elevate the knowledge base and the set of skills of Libyan clinicians and social workers. Initial assessment of training needs analysis of potential trainers will be conducted on site in Libya, however, the training sessions will be held in a professional dedicated training setting in Malta. Moreover, training will be followed by on site supervision visits by experts to get feedback and to ensure a proper implementation of learned skills and to measure the impact of the new skills on the treated personnel.

Second, LFR will provide bespoke consulting solutions to Libyan psychological and social work institutions in order to help them to elevate their work practices to the international standards. Our approach is quality focused which starts from in depth understanding of a client’s specific needs in order to design practical and reliable solutions to their problems. To achieve this, our international experts work in partnership with the client professionals in joint teams. First, a joint team assesses the situation, identifies the issues then finally proposes the right solutions. In addition, quality assurance procedures are implemented to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and skills to the client teams.