We view learning as a process, that’s why our courses offer mentorship, continued supervision and opportunities for Continued Professional Development CPD.

We aspire to offer active and meaningful learning experiences. We aim to achieve this through our focus on the context of learning, time to learn, motivation of the learner, active participation with progress monitoring and a two way feedback channel.

Our broad spectrum of training opportunities allows individuals to choose the training that bests suits their needs maximising the benefit to their patients.

Why choose our training services

  • Our courses are delivered based on individual needs assessments with realistic set goals
  • We work in partnership with leading international experts
  • All training is accredited
  • Full scholarship is available

We believe in the need for Continued Professional Development for the whole Mental Health workforce.

We take an evidence-based approach by evaluating and researching everything we do.

Our research can be used to improve policy and practice, raise awareness, offer practical solutions and improve the standard of mental health in Libya

Our commitment and passion is to help empower Libya heal its wounds and deliver change into prosperity.


Mr. Abdel Rahman Aribi, Director of Center of Civil Societies Developments in Libya at the Cultural Ministry of Culture and Civil Societies: “ I am impressed of the LFR work as I attended thier first CBT workshop and founded it very informative and urgently needed, therefore I recommend them to continue their work and provide their service to mental health professionals in Libya”.

Dr. Tarek Bader, Psychiatrist at Bengahzi Psychiatrist Hospital: “ I think that this CBT workshop has been very beneficial for all of the attendees as it is the first it’s kind and it is desperately needed by Libyans to heal their wounds after the sad events that Libyans went through”

Dr, Fadwa Al Mughairbi, an assistant professor, a Bio-psychologist at the United Arab Emirates in Al Ain, UAE: “ CBT workshops are much needed in the current situation in Libya that CBT psycho-Therapist are limited in numbers in Libya and also in Arab countries. We are grateful for the LFR organization to allow us this opportunity to join this successful workshop. we are looking forward to continue the training during the next sessions of the CBT workshop”.

Dr, Bubaker Bushiba, Psychiatrist at Bengahzi Psychiatrist Hospital:
“ This is urgently needed to be implemented in Psychiatrists hospitals in Libya and we hope for its continuity and support from the government of Libya. “

Dr. Khalid Madni of Misrtate University: ” This CBT workshop is unique in many aspects; It is unique in its subject and unique by having such a great instructors represented by Dr. David Westbrook and Mr. Tareq Shaban, and unique by its excelent organizing by the LFR. I was amazed and oversurprised by the way it was conducted and organized “.

Dr. Mohamed Al Fazzani, of Omar Al Mokhtar University in Al Baida, Libya: ” The CBT was very beneficial to help us to help the needy for mental health services in Libya”.

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